Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bringing colors and light

Deep inside...
Beautiful blessings - 
a light that doesn’t subside.

Could I give you some of these of autumn colors?
Someone painted on my heart and my soul
Nothing can make you feel so - like nothing matters
Railed on a glorious mission in love on your own

Where do all broken spirits go?
Thrown by the winds they travel alone
Always in nighttime they speak to me
Whisper and sigh so restlessly
Come to me spirits I’ll make you see
I’ll give you peace and set you free

Happiness is yours to find
Freedom is  all in your mind
..in your mind!
..in your mind!
..in your mind!

Calling to bring peace to your home
Shedding light to your soul-night
I will be the peace in the heart of your storm
I will be yours now and when nothings no more

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