Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letters of a Lonely Dame

You can take him home with you,
or he’ll be waiting there
no matter if loving or sometimes a fool,
he will hold you near

You get to touch and feel.
You get to caress and kiss.
You get to smell and see
….oh its all that I miss!
The most in the night,
its then, when my imagination takes flight…
and lands on all the painful spots,
where my heart bleeds from cuts,
no one made but me,
by believing that true love…
can be overcome you see.

I was not the one,
and never was it meant to be.
Full moon shone,
but as it went so did he.

Sore from the painful fall,
the most painful of all.
When its love, in what you fall,
and its in love, where I’ll be forever more.

Like a dark, deep hole
no light to crawl up too.
Like locked inside my own soul
and given the key away like a fool.

But you will have him to hold
and he will hold you close as well
I see you together, getting old,
oh bitter mind, why on this do you dwell.

He will love you in the sunlight,
and in the blissful darkness of the night.
You can feel the heat as you melt,
together – feelings I have never felt.

I guess I will stay like this
and why should I complain.
I will have my own hands, and you his
…I accept my destiny though vane,
and... be forgotten.
the lone, silent Dame.

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